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Dip Dough Cookies

Dip Dough is a new cookie shop that is reinventing the "milk and cookies" experience. While having a variety of different cookies with your milk is a tasty treat, Dip Dough says: "Why stop with a variety of cookies when you could have a variety of crazy flavored milks?."






Since Dip Dough is new, we want to give it everything it needs to be a successful brand: A mural on the interior walls of the restaurant, a quirky, fun logo, and a website that demonstrates how fun the process of ordering is.


Chocolate Chip


Cookie Dough


Strawberry Milk


Wall Mural

Each wall in the space would represent a different flavored milk with multiple cookie characters jumping, splashing and playing around.


Cookie Dough Card Holder


To help advertise Dip Dough in businesses where there is a high potential for catering opportunities, a fun, eye-catching business card holder was created.

Online Ordering Feature

Staff Tees

We didn't want our staff to feel left out of all of the fun so a teeshirt design with the fun characters that populate the brand was made.

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