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Hub Real Estate

Hub Real Estate is a local Fort Collins, CO Real Estate Agency that believes in empowering and nurturing the growth of its agents and the surrounding community through the promotion of Collaboration, Growth, Belonging, Abundance, and Impact.






Collaboration with Shaun Dolon, Erin Glenn, Philip Hofeling, Sarah Philips, Kate Clifford, Laurel Sickels, and Agents of Hub

My Contribution:

Art Direction
Marketing Center Management
Hubapalooza Concept Creation, Graphics Creation, Man
agement, and Production
Agent Brand Development
Hub Branded Touchpoint
Hub Store Product Design, Management, and Production
Social Media Campaign
 Conceptualization + Direction


-  Hubapalooza, Hub's largest annual client appreciation event, needs a new theme for the year and a better way to file, attract, and track attendees.

- The social media presence lacks a direction that is consistent and in line with the company values.

- Agents need to build and maintain a rapport with

potential clients.


- Create a fun theme based on market research and use a combination of Social Media, Print Advertising, and Google Forms to attract and track attendees.

- Using a combination of market research and creative thinking strategies based on Hub's established brand values, develop a unique campaign strategy that targets our established audience.

- Develop touchpoints that create and maintain a positive experience so that agents remain top of mind when a client is ready to sell or buy a home.



To determine the visual concept for Hubapalooza 2022, visual and market research was conducted based on previous events, the target audience, and what activities the event would include. 


Established Direction

Based on what was found in the research stages and the goal of generating excitement around the event, a pattern of liquid-based fun was discovered, and the visual concept was established. 


Event RSVP Invites 


In order to reach multiple audiences, printed and
digital invites were created to inspire excitement and participation in the event. 

Improved Attendee Tracking

In prior years, attendees were logged manually, gathering RSVPs from social media, email, and phone. This made it easy to accidentally miscount the number of guests which then could lead to over or under-ordering event supplies. To reduce this margin of error, a Google Form was created in conjunction with links and QR codes. This gave us the ability to save time and focus efforts elsewhere, contributing to what ended up giving 2022's Hubapalooza the largest turnout in the history of the event. 

Tee Shirt Design

To help attendees identify agents and general Hub staff, a fun inviting teeshirt design was created.


Appreciation Graphics

To show our appreciation for our attendees and 

promote the hub brand within our local community,

appreciation graphics were designed to commemorate

the experience of the event.




Social Media Strategy | Defined Problems

1. There isn't a solid conceptual strategy in place to support a consistent, future posting schedule.

2. Some of the posts are not formatted for quick overview which causes it to look messy at first glance.



Social Media Strategy | Defined Solutions

1. After performing a deep dive into what our goals are for the platform and defining our target audiences, we were able to establish a strategic direction for content creation as well as the best times to post based on Instagram metrics.

2. To provide a consistent look at first glance, a color scheme, and several templates were created for posts that would be repeated in the future with similar content.


The Buyer/Seller Journey

From initial contact to the end of a sale and beyond, it's important for agents to maintain positive relationships with the clients whom they do business with. In order to perpetuate this, various marketing touchpoints were created in order to facilitate a positive experience between agents and their clients.


Welcome Slides for new and returning clients were designed to provide a welcoming environment and create a positive first impression.

Congratulatory slides were also created in order to celebrate the successful acquirement of a client's new home and leave a lasting positive impression so that when/if they are in need of an agent again, Hub will be their preferred choice in the future.


To show appreciation for our clients, Hub-branded gifts were created to help nurture the relationships between them and their agents.

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