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Fantastic Fest 

Fantastic Fest is considered to be the largest genre film festival in the US. With a different theme each year, the festival attracts celebrities and filmmakers of all types for a week full of scary, weird and delightfully disturbing experiences at the Alamo Draft-house. For this year, the theme is Japanese Horror.







Fantastic Fest already has a dedicated fan base in Austin but we would like to reach out to new markets and inspire more people to join us.


To create a guerilla ad campaign in order to promote the festival in other cities, establish a brand and associated collateral with consistency in mind and create a scheduling app and redesigned icon system.



Guerilla Ad Campaign

Fantastic Fest and the people of the Alamo Drafthouse are known for being a group of people entirely dedicated to entertainment and that does not stop at advertising. So, an interactive guerilla ad campaign was designed to wow and surprise and even scare our audience into wanting to attend. 

Giant Wall Ad

The first ad of the campaign would consist of an animatronic hand that is motion activated and comes to life as pedestrians walk by the wall.

Elevator Ad

The second in the campaign would consist of grudge/ringu like character that slides into place after the doors shut on the elevator.


Crashing Window Ad

The third installment would consist of an ad that startles bystanders as they pass the ad by drawing them in for a closer look at the small image in the center and then a motion sensor would activate the animation of a mask that crashes into the glass and simulates the sounds of the glass shattering.


Icon Set

To make establishing preferred movie genres fun and instantly recognizable, an icon set was created.

Scheduling App

In order to make tracking events and movie showings a seamless experience for our festival-goers, an app was made to help users stay organized throughout the festival.


Website Features

To accommodate travelers from out of state a page was created to help them find hotels as well as popular things to do in Austin while they're in town. 

Wireframe: Home 

Artboard 1 copy-100.jpg

Wireframe: Badge Purchase

Artboard 1 copy 2-100.jpg

Wireframe: Things to do/hotels

Artboard 1 copy 3-100.jpg

Final Home Page

Final Badge Purchase Page

Artboard 1 copy 4-100.jpg
Artboard 1 copy 5-100.jpg

Final Things to Do/Hotels Page

Artboard 1 copy 6-100.jpg

Badge Design



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