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Out Youth Outreach

Out Youth is an outreach program for LGBTQIA+ youth in Austin, TX created to provide a safe space for people to be themselves and inspire more people to do the same.







Group Project with Greer Mansell

My Contribution:

Art Direction

Interview Creator/Implementor



Logo Design

Icon Design

Packaging Design

Web Design

Button Pins

Pain Points

Out Youth caters to young kids who sometimes feel excluded and bullied when expressing themselves and it's the organizations goal to provide that safe space. However, transportation to meetings can be a difficult task for those who live far away from the house, and we would like for their journey to meetings to be a safe one.


First, in order to address the safety issue more immediately, we will create a feature on the website that allows for members to sign up for a pickup service, provided that each one supplies the organization with emergency contacts. Secondly, as a more long-term goal, we will create branded Acceptance Alliance Program Kits to inspire the creation of more chapters.

Logo Iterations

Research Findings


The house itself is a beacon of hope to the kids that are looking for acceptance and safety and a symbol of strength for those that work hard to provide that space so it's appropriate that their branding would stem from the character of the space that promotes these values.


Final Mark

Icon System

A friendly brand/value-driven icon system was created in order to provide the organization with appropriate packaging and promotional button pins for Acceptance Alliance presidents to give out to promote the organizations values and inspire followers.

Out Youth Acceptance Alliance Kit


Acceptance Alliance Kits consist of name tags, a binder to help Presidents keep organized and brand-specific collateral to help the organization promote and maintain new chapters in schools and LGBTQIA+ friendly churches.


Ride-share Feature + Website Redesign

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