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Pinnacle Holistic Pet Food

Pinnacle Holistic Pet Food is a 70 year old pet food company that focuses on providing pets with protein first recipes that are made in small batches to maintain the company's standards for quality.






Pain Points

Pinnacle provides its audience with a quality, thoughtfully procured, time-tested product but their current brand does not reflect these values.


A new brand/message that resonates more with the target demographic along with a social media and ad campaign to drum up excitement around the brand.

The Message

To decide the direction of where the brand should go, we first did some research and found that the millennial generations are the biggest pet owners out of other generations. As a result, we created the tagline: "Nourish Their Dreams" out of recognition for our audience's tendency to view their pets not just as animals but as family members.

Ad Campaign


Ad #1 Puppy Dreams


Ad #2 The Shepherd


Ad #3 The Dog Sledder


Social Media Campaign

We wanted to get people excited and bring awareness to the new brand/message so we implemented an Instagram campaign with the #PetDreams.


Previous Logo Mark


New Logo Iterations


New Final Mark

Custom Typographic Name

Mountain Peak + Dog Mouth

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