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Voices Out Hear

Voices Out Hear is a fundraising movement created to increase safe space awareness for the Northern Colorado LGBTQ+ community.

#Identity Design

#Print Design


Collaboration with Nathaniel Addison, The Bipoc Alliance, Odell Brewing in Fort Collins, and Hub Real Estate

My Contribution:

Identity Design
Printed Ad Design

Digital Ad Design
Teeshirt Design


- Voices Out Hear is new to the scene and needs a visual identity to represent itself to the public.

- In order to establish its first event, we will need the support of sponsorships.

- We need to get the word out to both attendees and potential vendors within the local community.

- Vendors will need a way of communicating their role to attendees as well as the staff of Odell Brewing.


- Establish a logo along with a color scheme and typography so that touch points remain consistent and identifiable to anyone who comes into contact with it.

- Create a sponsorship menu that details the benefits to vendors who participate in the event.

- Create printed and digital advertisements to post within the local community and on social media.

- Create a teeshirt that all vendors and event staff can wear on the day of the event.


Logo Anatomy


Using a collection of visual research with the goal of communicating safety and a commitment to building safe spaces within the NOCO LGBTQ+ community, a bold visual concept was created using the Aktiv Grotesk Ex and Bongkar fonts.

Logo Variations

To ensure that the logo will thrive within multiple environments and budgets, several variations were created so that it could be easily identified regardless of where it's placed.

Inclusive Iconography

Selections and modifications to iconography were made to communicate both activities that the event would consist of as well as the inclusive environment that prospective attendees could look forward to.


Sponsorship Menu

To gain monetary support for the event, a sponsorship menu was created in order to inspire local businesses to contribute to the event.

Print/Digital Advertising

Printed and Digital ads were created to promote the event in multiple areas within the local community and inspire vendors to participate.


Teeshirt Design

A simple teeshirt design was created to fit the budget while still communicating the meaning behind the event.

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