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Otis Eyewear

Otis Eyewear is a coastal based company originating from Australia that offers quality sunglasses with scratch-resistant, mineral glass lenses.








Although Otis Eyewear is promoting a quality product, it struggles with it’s unique selling point which creates, not only confusion around the brand, but also causes consumers to question why they should choose their product over another competitors.


To find a unique selling point based on competitive analysis and user research, then to implement a new branding strategy that promotes this feature.

Research Findings



Based off of competitive analysis and user empathy mapping, we were able to find that one of the main pain points is the potential of losing the glasses so our first task was to address this in the form of smart technology and an associated app.

Product Redesign

The product itself was redesigned to incorporate GPS tracking technology that was sleek and small enough to fit in the temples.

Solar Charging

To account for charging capability and minimize the annoyance of having to constantly use a charger, solar paneling was installed so that it charges as you wear them.


Sound Off!

Upon using the Otis Glasses Locator App, the glasses themselves emit a sound in order to help further pinpoint the location to compensate for GPS current lack of accuracy.

App User Flow

iPhone 6-7-8 – 1.jpg
iPhone 6-7-8 – 2.jpg
iPhone 6-7-8 – 3.jpg
iPhone 6-7-8 – 4.jpg
iPhone 6-7-8 – 5.jpg
iPhone 6-7-8 – 6.jpg

Smart Watch Compatible

Since our product caters to a crowd that is often active and near water, the app was also made smartwatch compatible.


Website + AR Feature

Although AR technology isn't a new concept in helping users virtually "try on" products, allowing for a share option so they can get a second opinion is and due to Otis being primarily a coastal based company, this added feature will help inspire a new online customer base. This feature was added to mobile as well since our users will be on their phones more than desktop.


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